Our ability to collaborate made us take over the world

Hire a Marketing Coordinator

Success depends on having the right resources available when needed, but having standby personnel is expensive. As a hired Marketing Coordinator, I can offer you a dynamic solution that balances the need with cost-effectiveness. 


At our initial meeting, we review the goals and purpose of upcoming efforts. My belief is that successful marketing strategies and communication plans stem from a profound understanding of the challenges a business faces, as well as the resources available to achieve the desired outcome. We define the initiatives that will be most beneficial for your company and establish the framework for our collaboration.

Communication plan

After our initial meeting, I compile all the information and deliver a communication plan that will serve as our guiding document throughout our collaboration. It includes goals, strategies, and timelines to ensure alignment on what needs to be done.

Basic invoicing and supplementary services

Our collaboration begins with monthly retainer billing covering the planned activities. Subsequently, you pay for the services as they are activated, providing our flexible partnership with a predictable cost structure even if some activities are deferred to the future. 

Activating additional services means gaining access to my network of specialists—when you need them. This could be, for example, when it's time to launch a campaign or get a print job delivered. I manage the procurement, ensuring you have the right resources at your disposal, but you only pay for them when they are needed.

Now we can embark on the journey of taking your company to the next level together! Contact me, and let's get started!

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